“This is a wonderful organization! They helped my husband and I when no other organization would. I learned when my husband had leukemia that in this country, you have to be very rich or very poor to be sick. We were turned away by every organization I contacted for help. Being middle class nobody would help. I would have lost my home if not for Take The Lead!!!  Nobody seemed to understand that though we had savings and I made I decent living I couldn’t work while my husband went through months of treatment in another state. The cost was huge to try to maintain our home in Alaska and live in Seattle for many months at a time. Take The Lead understood and helped!!! I beg all of you to support this organization!!! Without them not only would I have lost my husband I also would have lost our home.”
Carrie Keays

“THANK YOU Take The Lead for helping me when I needed a transplant and my insurance would not pay for it! Because of you, I am alive and 5 years later I am still here enjoying my family, showing my dogs, and living life! I am STILL off insulin and as far as I am concerned, my Diabetes HAS been cured! THANK YOU for helping me get a second chance at life!”
Julie M. Seaton

“Our family is deeply touched by your generosity. We find strength in knowing that there are people like Take The Lead helping us through this time. Thank you so much.

“Without your help during the past six months, there is no way that (we) could have survived. I hope that the donations made in his memory have helped others.”

“Thank you so much for helping us at this time. As we get back on our feet, I hope to be able to volunteer in some way to this worthwhile cause. Thanks and God bless”



“Simple words can not express my gratitude to everyone at your organization. Without your help, I don’t know what we would have done. Although it didn’t end as we wanted, we had hoped that we could find a cure. He gave it a good fight. He was able to live months longer than the doctors said he should have. Take The Lead was beneficial in getting us through those horrible dark times. Once again, thank you!”

“To everyone, my most heartfelt thanks for all you did to help me through this most difficult period of my life. I may have lost my home had I not had your most generous support. May God bless you all.”